What Is Samvedna

Samvedna connects school children from across cities through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support provided by Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL). The voice and data support from TTSL linked school children of Him Jyoti School, Dehra Dun and Manava Bharati India International School, N Delhi to start with. More schools are now being welcomed to join the Samvedna family by using their internet connections. Students, teachers and parents can participate at their own pace in various Samvedna activities and Projects.

The site is interactive and hosts:

  • Online Memberships to enable children to share and communicate in order to promote mutual admiration
  • Online Forums to discuss and debate child centric issues, with parents too participating
  • Samvedna Helplines for Online Counselling and Career Guidance
  • Environmental projects between the schools
  • 'Scratch' - an online computer programming tool for kids
  • Math Aerobics for enhancing mental abilities in children
  • Samvedna Blogs, where children can express themselves
  • Photo Galleries//

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